Creation and Compost

Ep. 29- "Forgiving the Nightmare"

January 08, 2023 Season 2 Episode 8
Creation and Compost
Ep. 29- "Forgiving the Nightmare"
Show Notes

WARNING-- This episode discusses the topic of sexual abuse, rape.

Have you been hurt? Not just physical hurt, but emotional and psychological abuse? Pastor Mark Sowersby, founder of "Forgiving the Nightmare" Ministries, joins us to discuss his childhood abuse and neglect. He describes his tumultuous upbringing with abandonment, personal loss, neglect, and some of the horrors that he faced, but also describes how Christ completely changed his life.

Check out his ministry:

Join Kristi and Matt as they discuss some new year fun, but also focus on "forgiveness". This week's discussion focuses on  Biblical rationale for "Three Reasons Why We Should Forgive", and the 4 Sources of Hurt that often keep us from forgiving others.

Basic Theology by Charles Ryrie
Anger: Facing the Fire Within by June Hunt

Reflection Verse:
Romans 12:1-2

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