Supply Chain in the Fast Lane
Guest: Melanie Nuce of GS1 U.S. shares how developing uniform standards can ease labor burdens.
Guest: Melanie Nuce of GS1 U.S. shares how developing uniform standards can ease labor burdens. 10:35 Guest: Meredith Singletary, senior human resources director at DHL, shares how shippers can work with logistics providers to address labor shortages. 9:04 Guest: Rosemary Coates, executive director of the Reshoring Institute, shares that a lack of skilled workers is hindering reshoring efforts. 12:28 Guest: Shekar Natarajan, chief supply chain officer at American Eagle Outfitters, speaks on his company's employee recruitment and retention best practices. 13:22 Guest: Charlie Saffro, president and founder of CS Recruiting on retaining employees 13:08 Guest: Mike Regan of TranzAct on responding to the labor crisis 10:15 Guest: Claudia Knowlton-Chike, a retired supply chain executive, speaks on recruiting a diverse talent base 10:56 Guest: Mark Baxa of CSCMP on how CSCMP is helping members to address the labor crunch 10:03 Guest: Brian Gallagher of Ware2Go on Machine Learning 9:44 Guest: Amol Naik of HERE Technologies on the digitalization of transportation 9:29 Guest: Divya Prakash from the sensor company SICK discusses the opportunities that the Internet of Things (IoT) technologies bring to supply chains. 13:50 Guest: Norm Saenz of St. Onge Co. on digitalization of distribution. 11:04 Guest: Anu Saha of Covariant discusses the convergence of artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics. 11:08 Guest: Jim Lawton of Zebra Technologies discusses robotics and automation 14:34 Guest: Russ Meller of Fortna discusses the advantages of digital twins. 13:18 Guest: Kathy Gramling of EY defines what it means to digitalize supply chains and the benefits that result. 9:46 THIRD PARTY LOGISTICS: Guest: Andy Moses of Penske Logistics discusses the current state of the 3PL market. 9:54 RAIL FREIGHT: Guest: Todd Tranausky of FTR Transportation Intelligence discusses what shippers can expect from rail freight and what trends to watch for as we ease into a post-pandemic environment. 10:58 AIR: Guest: Balika Sonnthalia of Kearney examines capacity and the rate outlook for the rest of 2022. 14:50 WAREHOUSING: Guest: John Boyd, Jr. peeks inside the nation's warehouses and shares what is in store for the distribution industry. 9:36 TRUCKING: Guest: Tyler Higgins shares the wild ride of today's trucking industry. 16:00 PARCEL: Guest Jack Ampuja explores the current state of the parcel industry and what shippers can expect for rates for the remainder of the year. 11:43 OCEAN SHIPPING AND PORTS: Guest Patrik Berglund of Xeneta discusses the latest on life on the water. 9:46 INVENTORIES: Zac Rogers of Colorado State University tells us the death of JIT has been greatly exaggerated - and what's likely ahead. 13:45 Introducing Supply Chain in the Fast Lane 1:00