The Warm Up: A Podcast By Keep Nature Wild

Ep 5: Exploring The Outdoors And What It Can Do For You With Caziah Franklin

April 25, 2022 Briana Sullivan Episode 5
The Warm Up: A Podcast By Keep Nature Wild
Ep 5: Exploring The Outdoors And What It Can Do For You With Caziah Franklin
Show Notes

Seeing a lack of people you identify with within the outdoors should not discourage you to be there and explore. Instead, it should encourage you to be the lamplighter within your circle and influence people about the things that the outdoors can do for us.

In this episode, Bri talks with Caziah about his journey to the outdoors. He shares his experiences of starting to work with a community where there is not a single person who looks like him and becoming more comfortable with his own skin being in the outdoors. He also touches on some of his new projects.

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Episode 5 at a glance:

  • The miscommunications between Black and White people that led to a lack of diversity in a community.
  • How a lack of representation feels like a lack of invitation. 
  • An important role in progression played by diversity, inclusion, and belonging.
  • Caziah's goal of being the example he never saw.
  • The importance of knowing what you are signing up for even if you are the only one in your circle.
  • Being the lamplighter within your circle.
  • Not letting a lack of an invitation to stop you and a lack of numbers, in the beginning, discourage you.
  • Redefining influence.
  • The danger of turning nature into a vice rather than a healthy escape.
  • Caziah finding comfort in his own skin being in the outdoors also made him comfortable with his musicality and interests.
  • Caziah's perspective of keeping nature wild is the preservation of its sacredness.

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Today’s Guest:

Caziah Franklin is a musician and an outdoor adventurer.

Connect and know more about Caziah here:

Caziah's EP: The Cedars
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About the host:

Briana Sullivan is the Community Manager of Keep Nature Wild. Her passions for writing, trail running, and community building sparked and fires up the value that she brings to creating compelling and exciting content and campaign ideas.


More about Keep Nature Wild:

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