The Warm Up: A Podcast By Keep Nature Wild

Ep 6: Planting The Seeds for Future Generations With Dr. Lydia Jennings

May 09, 2022 Briana Sullivan
The Warm Up: A Podcast By Keep Nature Wild
Ep 6: Planting The Seeds for Future Generations With Dr. Lydia Jennings
Show Notes

There are a lot of things for us to learn from nature. The more we learn and recognize the real problems around us, the more we care about them. This is thinking beyond ourselves and being the seeds for change for future generations.

In this episode, Bri speaks with Dr. Lydia Jennings, an environmental scientist, and soil microbiologist, about her journey into what she's doing now, some of her experiences with nature as a trail runner, and the Will Run For Soil movement. She also shares about the community of native and Indigenous people and how Run to Be Visible was made.

Listen up and understand more.

Episode 6 at a glance:

  • Dr. Lydia Jennings’ meandering pathway to her science career.
  • Thinking bigger beyond oneself and into the future generations.
  • Enjoying and engaging with nature as trail runners.
  • How learning more and more about nature makes us care more.
  • Being on the land is being with the land.
  • The many things we can learn from the indigenous and native cultures.
  • The Will Run For Soil movement, the teachings from the journey, and future goals of the movement.
  • Dr. Jennings running on behalf of Wings of America.
  • Being faced with tribes wanting to have their land back.
  • Recognizing how unsafe native women are.
  • Making the community safe which makes it safe for the future.
  • About Run to Be Visible and honoring the people that came along Dr. Jennings’ journey to where she is now.
  • Keeping nature wild is paying respect to it, caring for it as a relative, and doing your best to protect it.

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Today’s Guest:

Dr. Lydia Jennings is a soil microbiologist and environmental scientist and one of the masterminds behind Will Run For Soil.

Will Run For Soil is a documentary film that is the first step in a movement to change the way people talk and think about soils.

Connect and know more about Lydia Jennings and Will Run For Soil here:


About the host:

Briana Sullivan is the Community Manager of Keep Nature Wild. Her passions for writing, trail running, and community building sparked and fires up the value that she brings to creating compelling and exciting content and campaign ideas.


More about Keep Nature Wild:

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