Women Beyond Faith

Meet Marie - Part I

April 20, 2019 Season 2 Episode 11
Women Beyond Faith
Meet Marie - Part I
Women Beyond Faith
Meet Marie - Part I
Apr 20, 2019 Season 2 Episode 11
Leah Janet
Neurotic, anxious kid from Minnesota overcomes faith, missions, insecurity and low self esteem.
Show Notes

Born and raised in a Lutheran household until Junior High when Baptist General Conference became the faith persuasion, Marie was a neurotic, anxious kid with incredibly low self esteem. 

Turbulent years between the ages of 13 and her mid 20s consisted of periods of profound doubt coupled with overcompensating evangelical behaviors. 

Purity Culture. Missions at 17. YWAM. Therapy. Bravery. Divorce. Deconversion. Freedom. Keith. Ethical Nonmonogamy.

Today Marie is in her late 30s exploring ethical nonmonogamy, podcasting (Marie is the popular new cohost of the popular Everyone's Agnostic with Cass Midgley), and remediating her education.

Her passion and zeal for life is contagious.

You can find out more about Marie by listening to her conversation with Dr Darrel Ray - From Missionary to Poly:

Or Marie's conversation with Cass & Bob on Episode #108 of Everyone's Agnostic

Lastly - Marie's follow-up interview with Cass on Episode #180 of Everyone's Agnostic which focuses on her Ethical Nonmonogamy

If you're interested in reaching out to Marie you can contact her via email at everyonesagnostic@gmail.com.


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