Women Beyond Faith

Meet Heidi -

December 07, 2018 Season 2 Episode 3
Women Beyond Faith
Meet Heidi -
Women Beyond Faith
Meet Heidi -
Dec 07, 2018 Season 2 Episode 3
Leah Janet
Meet Heidi - No longer concealing her true self, Heidi blooms!
Show Notes

Heidi was born in Georgia. She lived there until she moved to Knoxville to go to Bible College. 

Knoxville has always felt like her home away from home.  It is here that she identified her true self and found the love of her life.  

Heidi's faith began to fall apart when faced with having to decide whether or not to let people in on what she had been trying to hide for years -- Heidi is gay! Having been raised in fundamentalism and attending Bible College,  this was unsettling for some of her family and friends.  

And yet -- leaving the Christian faith behind and thriving as her true self has been the greatest trip of Heidi's life! 

You're going to enjoy Heidi -- her love and zeal for life are infectious!

Heidi writes and performs. Here's the link to Heidi's youtube channel and her original song, Bloom --  

You can also find Heidi on Facebook @heidigilsonmusic

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