Women Beyond Faith

Meet Nicole from Taboo Topics --

December 20, 2018 Season 2 Episode 4
Women Beyond Faith
Meet Nicole from Taboo Topics --
Women Beyond Faith
Meet Nicole from Taboo Topics --
Dec 20, 2018 Season 2 Episode 4
Leah Janet
Nicole, 24 yo, grew up in a secular family before being introduced to jesus at the age of 12.
Show Notes

Taboo Topics is a website (tabootopics.com),  YouTube channel (YouTube.com/tabootopics), and community. 

Nicole Anderson created these digital venues with the intent of bringing people together to discuss hard issues -- the topics that usually aren’t talked about in polite society. 

Nicole grew up in a loving, secular family.  Her first taste of religion came about at the age of 12 with friends following a discussion of evolution in science class.  Nicole became a believer shortly there after and remained so until the age of 22.  At that time she dove into some in depth research regarding christianity and what it was she believed to be true.  Her faith swiftly unraveled.  

Nicole, through her aforementioned social media presence, is bringing the difficult conversations to the surface. 

I am excited to introduce to you a young woman who has found her voice and is using it to change the world -- one video, one blog, one post -- at a time.

Enjoy the conversation!
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