Embodied Holiness

Ep. 22 Reclaiming Joy in the Midst of Valleys, Quarreling, and Opposition

September 20, 2022 Rev. Susan Eaton, Dr. Lindsey Lewis, Dr. Lyerly Christensen Season 2 Episode 22
Embodied Holiness
Ep. 22 Reclaiming Joy in the Midst of Valleys, Quarreling, and Opposition
Show Notes

This week we journey with Isaac (Genesis 26) into the valley and discover how God uses even the painful times in our lives to do His good work in us. In this episode, we dig deep into what it really takes to unstop the life-giving wells of our souls so we can experience God’s deep joy and gladness and find healing.

Use this link to order your copy of Reclaiming Joy. We encourage you to get the book and use these episodes to enhance your personal study.

Reflection or Discussion Questions

1. Have you ever treated someone poorly because you were envious or jealous of them? (Put downs, deliberately not celebrating their accomplishments, ignoring them, talking poorly about them to others, etc.)

2. Think about a "valley" you have been through or are currently experiencing. What would you name that valley? (Ex. The Valley of Weeping, The Valley of Wrecked Relationships)

3. Can you see how God has transformed or is transforming your valley into a place of blessing? If so, how?

4. What wells need to be opened in your life? How have they been renamed? 

5. Are you in a situation or relationship that is toxic to your mental, spiritual, physical, or emotional health? If so, name the ways this situation or relationship is having a negative impact on you.

6. In what ways are you being tempted to act or react according to the flesh instead of the Spirit?

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