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Ep. 31: The Heart of Parenting - Raising an Emotionally Intelligent Child with Jennifer Sheridan, LCSW, RPT

November 15, 2022 Rev. Susan Eaton, Dr. Lindsey Lewis, Dr. Lyerly Christensen Season 2 Episode 31
Embodied Holiness
Ep. 31: The Heart of Parenting - Raising an Emotionally Intelligent Child with Jennifer Sheridan, LCSW, RPT
Show Notes

Calling all parents! Listen in as we talk with Jennifer Sheridan, owner and lead therapist at Restoration House Counseling in Hattiesburg, MS, about effective and ineffective styles of parenting and what it looks like to keep the love of Christ at the center of our parent/child relationships.

Parenting styles discussed in the episode (taken from John Gottman's Book Raising  an Emotionally Intelligent Child):

1. Dismissing Parent
2. Disapproving Parent
3. Laissez-faire Parent
4. Emotion-Coaching Parent

About Jennifer:
Jennifer Sheridan, owner and lead therapist of Restoration House Counseling, is a Licensed Clinical Social Work and Registered Play Therapist practicing in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Jennifer specializes in working with families and children struggling with attachment and behavioral challenges in the home and at school. She has experience working with families grown through adoption and helping parents make sense of the emotional needs of children from hard places.

Jennifer is a TBRI practitioner and TraumaPlay Certified Therapist. She has also completed Level I and II Theraplay Training and utilizes this model of attachment-based therapy with families in the playroom. As a former junior high math teacher and school psychometrist, Jennifer understands the many challenges faced by teachers and school administrators addressing problematic behaviors in the classroom. Jennifer believes children communicate through play and supports families and caregivers in learning how to interpret the behaviors of the children in their care.

Find out more about Restoration House counseling by visiting their website at restorationhousecounseling.com. You can also follow them on Instagram @restorationhousecounseling

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