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Episode 030: Pop-Tarts

October 03, 2022 Charles/ JJ/ Tiff Season 1 Episode 30
Topadoes Media Junkies
Episode 030: Pop-Tarts
Show Notes

Today we start with discussing our favorite Pop-Tarts, the death of Stadia, new OW 2 structure of competitive mode, and Oct. PlayStation plus games. Plus much more inbetween. 

0:00:00: Intros and Pop-tarts.
0:09:23: What Tiffs been up to.
0:23:05: What JJ has been up to.
0:41:49: What Charlie has been up to.
0:58:46: Tiff and JJ gang up on Charlie.
1:00:16: New polices and practices in Overwatch 2.
1:13:46: Stadia is finally dying.
1:15:12: PSA from Charlie, Power Wash Time.
1:15:48: Tiffs Xbox disgusts and sharing online.
1:17:38:Tiff buying good games.
1:18:41: Poor Ubisofts Skull and Bones delay.
1:21:00: Octobers PlayStation plus Games.
1:25:07: Charlie absolutely destroyed Tiff and JJ in Mario Party.
1:26:58: PlayStation Stars tiers and the privileges that come with them.
1:34:33: Tiffs has a show for next year.
1:37:57: Planning some trouble and outro

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