Brain Health Matters

Helping our Children Develop Heathier Brains

April 14, 2022 Kate Kunkel Season 1 Episode 11
Brain Health Matters
Helping our Children Develop Heathier Brains
Show Notes

Allison Davies is a music for the brain specialist who creates online resources for parents and educators. She works with schools to deliver professional development around the topics of childhood brain development and the use of music to support brain function  and reduce anxiety for children and their parents.
As a person with autism herself, Allison understands the challenges of being neurodivergent, and does powerful work to help parents work with their children to embrace and appreciate differences while working to enhance cognitive development.

Highpoints of her interview with Kate Kunkel on Brain Health Matters:

At 4:48 – what happens to our brains when we listen to or even THINK about music
At 6:07 – why Allison considers neurologic music therapy the “atheism” of music therapy
At 7:48 – how working to change society’s interpretation of cognitive health is the way to lessen trauma and nurture children to develop healthier brains no matter their neurological state
At 12:32 – using music as a tool to make the brain feel safe
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