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Your Brain Needs You to Dump the Sugar

May 04, 2022 Kate Kunkel / Becky Bell Season 1 Episode 14
Brain Health Matters
Your Brain Needs You to Dump the Sugar
Show Notes

Let us count the ways that sugar can disrupt your health and your brain.

In a study in the Journal of Alzheimer’s, 1000 seniors who were studied. Those with the highest intake of carbos and processed foods and sugars were 89% more likely to have cognitive decline. The more sugar they ate, the higher their likelihood of developing dementia. Those who ate the lowest amount of sugar and highest amount of healthy fats had a REDUCTION in likelihood of developing dementia.

That's why I invited Registered Dietician Becky Bell to join me on Brain Health Matters in a highly enlightening conversation that demonstrated how insulin resistance and sugar addiction can cause problems with your body and your mental facilities.

Here are a few snippets of what you'll learn:

7:30 - How sugar spikes mess with your insulin levels
8:34 - How insulin resistance develops
10:58 - Tips for getting rid of sugar from your diet and your life
12:09 - What about fruit?
13:45 - Sneaky sources of sugar
18:07 - The effects of sugar and artificial sweeteners on the gut microbiome
20:12 - Going cold turkey
24:04 - Stress and blood sugar

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Kate Kunkel is an Amen Licensed Brain Trainer and Certified Brain Health Professional, sound therapist, and vegan nutritionist. She coaches midlife and older clients to improve brain function that is compromised due to head trauma, diabetes, obesity, or early cognitive decline. 

We are not stuck with the brains we have, and Kate helps you make yours the best that it can be. With this podcast and a series of courses, programs, and books, Kate shares proven techniques and tools to help you create a healthier, more vibrant future free of worries about dementia or other neurodegenerative diseases.

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