Hoops Prospects Podcast (HPP)

College Wrap with LMU’s Cam Shelton — HPP S2-E27

April 06, 2023 Hoops Prospects Season 2 Episode 27
Hoops Prospects Podcast (HPP)
College Wrap with LMU’s Cam Shelton — HPP S2-E27
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The HPP crew discusses a wealth of different topics, including a wrap-up of the college basketball season, their final thoughts on the Final Four, and their awards for the 2022-23 season.  Other topics include the latest prospects to declare for the NBA Draft, transfer portal developments, and key coaching changes.  Also, LMU’s star guard Cam Shelton joins the show just before he heads to the Portsmouth Invitational, a major draft combine for college seniors.  Last but not least, the gang talks about the final stretch of the NBA regular season and answers a bunch of mailbag questions. 


1.  College Hoops Notebook (2:05)

  • Final thoughts on the Final Four
  • Is Adama Sanogo a viable NBA prospect?
  • Review of our postseason predictions 
  • The latest on the NBA Draft Early Entries
  • Interesting prospects who have yet to declare
  • Hot Transfer Portal Developments
  • Latest Coaching Moves
  • HP All-American Team
  • HP Player of the Year
  • HP Coach of the Year

2.  Cam Shelton Interview (1:39:36)

3.  Mailbag (2:10:22)

4.  NBA Chat (2:28:10)

  • Who will get the last play-in spot in the West:  OKC, Dallas, or Utah?
  • There is a massive logjam in the West.  Do you think it’s possible any teams will take a late-season dive to avoid Phoenix in the first round?
  • Player updates:  Andrew Wiggins, Paul George, Steven Adams, Naz Reid, Zion Williamson, Julius Randle, Pat Connaughton, and Grayson Allen.  Who won’t be ready for the playoffs and what will be the impact?

College Hoops Notebook
Cam Shelton Interview
NBA Chat