Hoops Prospects Podcast (HPP)

NBA Mock Draft (Picks 15-30) — HPP S2-E37

June 17, 2023 Hoops Prospects Season 2 Episode 37
Hoops Prospects Podcast (HPP)
NBA Mock Draft (Picks 15-30) — HPP S2-E37
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The crew finishes the first round of the HPP 2023 NBA Mock Draft, with detailed analysis of picks 15 through 30.  They also open up the College Hoops Notebook, talking about the latest player movement in Division I, and the gang has another NBA Chat, featuring a first-hand report from the Championship Parade in Denver and a discussion about the various trade rumors circulating.


1.  College Hoops Notebook (0:45)

  • The latest transfer portal developments and rumors
  • Key international players withdraw from the NBA Draft

2.  NBA Chat (18:08)

  • A report from Denver’s Championship Parade
  • Are the Nuggets the next NBA dynasty?
  • How important is it for Denver to re-sign free agent Bruce Brown?
  • Wemby’s season ends with disappointment.
  • Pelicans looking to move up in the draft for Scoot Henderson.
  • Trail Blazers shopping No. 3 Pick and Anfernee Simons for a star player.
  • Mavericks shopping pick No. 10 for a established veteran.

3.  Mock Draft — Picks 15-30 (45:06)

College Hoops Notebook
NBA Chat
Mock Draft (Picks 15-30)