FŌHSE: Welcome To The Future

Goin' Green with Steve Cantwell

April 15, 2022 Welcome To The Future Podcast Series Season 1 Episode 5
FŌHSE: Welcome To The Future
Goin' Green with Steve Cantwell
Show Notes

Steve Cantwell of Green Life Productions knows the sweet smell of victory first-hand! Whether fighting his way to the top during his years spent as UFC fighter, or at the helm of GLP as Founder & CEO, Cantwell is no stranger to delivering KO’s! After starting GLP almost 7 years ago, he’s turned his admiration for cannabis into an industry-shifting empire.

Not only is Cantwell known for producing high-quality cannabis, but his No-till Live soil method has advanced cultivation, solidifying their place as an industry influencer/powerhouse. Joined by the Fohse team, Cantwell spins some yarn and rolls some of his finest cannabis, as he takes us all on a trip down memory lane.  Our fifth episode, Goin’ Green w/ Steven Cantwell is one for the books!

Get a ringside seat to see how many rounds Fohse can last with this heavy hitter!

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