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Speaking with Australian Author Ruth Wilson

February 11, 2022 Shawline Publishing
Between The Covers
Speaking with Australian Author Ruth Wilson
Show Notes

Will Braid speaks with new author Ruth Wilson about her quiet and boring life....NOT likely, this wonderful Australian character and adventurer has achieved much in her years and has now penned her tales for the world to relish in her exploits...hear her speak of family, fun and experiences that will make your world seem all the more dull...she is intelligent and captivating and a true Australian lady of experience and integrity. Enjoy her story, we did!


Adventurer at birth. Aviator for 46 years. Author first published 2018.  Same year piloted her hydrogen balloon at night along the snow-covered Swiss Alps at age 75. Landed in Italy.
A pioneer – numerous FIRSTS throughout her corporate and aviation life. 
Conquering Clouds is the story of pivotal moments and experiences throughout Ruth Wilson’s life that led her to find the courage to pilot her hydrogen balloon over the snow-covered Swiss Alps at night to land in an Italian vineyard. At 75 this adventurer was definitely not swayed by her age.
Ruth acknowledges that her rescue by a pod of dolphins is the reason she is alive today.

"An inspirational and fascinating account of transcending multiple limitations to reach heights of bravery and success while keeping heart, love, and soul intact. Ruth has lived a remarkable life – it’s time everyone knew about it." Carolinda Witt, award-winning author, ‘Double Agent Celery MI5’s Crooked Hero.’

"Conquering Clouds is an unputdownable memoir of a remarkable woman. This book has it all – from impoverished childhood, death-defying adventures, failed romances and international fame as a balloonist, Ruth proves she conquered far more than clouds." - Libby Harkness ghostwriter of the best-selling memoir Turia Pitt’s ‘Everything to Live For’.

A Life of Notable Firsts - Ruth E Wilson

1959, Age 16: First female to play the Last Post on Anzac Day at her hometown, Bowen North Queensland.

1960, Age 17: Crowned the First Queen of the Coral Coast.

1973, Age 30: First Australian winner Squash Championship Kobe Japan.

1976, Age 33: First female balloonist in New Zealand.

1977, Age 34: First commercial ballooning company established and managed by a sole female pilot in Australia.

1979, Age 36: First National Champion of the Australian Open Hot Air Ballooning Championship.

1981, Age 38: First Australian female to compete in World Open Hot Air Ballooning Championship in USA.

1983, Age 40: First Australian female to compete in World Open Hot Air Ballooning Championship in France.

1987, Age 44: First Australian female to compete in World Open Hot Air Ballooning Championship in Austria.

1988, Age 45: Created & managed one of the major Bicentennial Celebrations, the Trans-Australia Ballooning Challenge; a 16 day fly/drive expedition from Perth to Sydney.  Participants from 23 countries flew 78 hot air balloons.

1989, Age 46: World Record Night Sky Jump from her hot air balloon.

1995, Age 52: Responsible for pioneering media campaigns to Introduce Antioxidants, Omega Oil supplements to the Australian public.

1999, Age 56: First and only Australian female to compete as Pilot-in-Command in the prestigious gas balloon race, Gordon Bennett Cup, from Albuquerque USA.

2002, Age 59: Chief Operations Officer ARC Centre for Quantum-Atom Optics at the Australian National University – Pioneering Centre for this science.

2018, Age 75: First Australian female pilot-in-command to cross the Swiss Alps and the Italian Dolomites in a h