Between The Covers

Speaking with Australian author Justin T. Hunt

March 11, 2022 Shawline Publishing
Between The Covers
Speaking with Australian author Justin T. Hunt
Show Notes

Justin Hunt discusses Rise To The Challenge, the first exciting instalment in his breakout series, Freiyon Fables. 

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He is trapped in a zoo, far from his wife, Harriet, and his freedom in the wild. Stranded with other squirrel companions who seem unable to speak the same language he does. He will have to find a way to escape if he hopes to reunite with his darling wife, yet there will be more challenges to face than this determined squirrel expected if he intends to gain his freedom.

But what of his wife? What strange things will she encounter while trying to find and return to Micklang?

This enthralling tale of adventures will captivate and excite your imagination as the squirrels' hurry to survive and escape!

An escape that will lead them to an unknown world, one of magic and mystery. One known simply as… Freiyon!

Find out what will become of these heroic rodents in this first instalment of 'The Freiyon Fables', as Micklang and his wife, Harriet, find themselves in strange situations wherever they venture and always seem able to ‘Rise to The Challenge'.

Born in Blacktown, NSW, Australia, Justin Hunt grew up in the Blue Mountains of NSW with his older sister, April, and his parents. He has been writing stories since he was seven but had not considered publishing books until he was fifteen years old. His first book, 'A Tail to Remember', was officially published in March of 2017, with a practice cover. His series 'The Freiyon Fables', which has 3 books in it, is currently available on Amazon, however he is trying to rewrite the series into smaller installments for kids to enjoy the stories more, instead of the adventures all taking up one book at a time. Justin currently lives in Wagga Wagga, NSW, and works as a kitchen hand at Kapooka army base, waiting to find a job that utilizes his completed Bachelor of Arts degree. He is 28 years old, graduated in his studies of Bachelor of Arts at Charles Sturt University, and has a dog named Raven that keeps him happy and active. He also is currently working out at a local Gym to lose weight. He still writes and has huge imaginations for more stories in the future.