Between The Covers

Speaking with Australian author Brett McCallum

March 17, 2022 Shawline Publishing
Between The Covers
Speaking with Australian author Brett McCallum
Show Notes

Will sits down with Brett McCallum to discuss his new book Embrace The Fail. 

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This book debunks the idea that failure is bad and should be avoided at all costs. The simple truth is you should strive to fail in the pursuit of a great life.  In this way, all the things you learn become what you appreciate throughout the journey.

Drawing on his own failures – beginning at High School and repeating between successful (and not so successful) ventures – Brett McCallum takes you on an optimistic and personal journey that’s a must read for all ages.

This book chronicles decades of entrepreneurial experience, as well as practical steps to take, so you too can Embrace the Fail to maximise your success. 

Brett also shares the life lessons of his heroes: nine of the last century’s greatest successes in business, music and sport, who all used failure to bounce higher than anyone else.

Failing has never looked so good!

This book proves that it’s the way you bounce back after a failure that will determine your level of success, and help you find your ultimate purpose. Are you ready to Embrace the Fail?

“The thing I admire about Brett’s brilliance, is that he doesn’t even know he has it…another great book of insightful and passionate words that help you to know you are on the right track, even when the track seems like a big mess of fallen trees! Wonderful and I highly recommend...”  Trevor, Indiebook Reviewer

As a teenager, Brett McCallum became one of the youngest bank managers in Australia.  Brett is also an experienced Corporate Executive, and the CoFounder and Chief Executive Officer of an IT consultancy running multimillion dollar projects. Currently, Brett’s other projects include co-founder of a sports app, advisor to a cryptocurrency startup and board member of a social tech accelerator. Brett co-launched Startup Club and Startup Village.  He also co-hosts three podcasts interviewing successful people from all walks of life.