Between The Covers

Speaking with First Nation Australian author H.E. Hristov

June 03, 2022 Shawline Publishing
Between The Covers
Speaking with First Nation Australian author H.E. Hristov
Show Notes

Bradley talks with H E Hristov about her new Sci-Fi action adventure work and how becoming an author has improved her life and her future goals. Read it here -

When the Superiors of the planet Ganji created a cure for all diseases on Earth, they send a promising recruit named Agent, to assess Himuryn (humans) and to determine whether the Himuryn species add value to the planet or will they lead themselves to ultimate extinction.

Ganjians are considered the most intelligent species in the universe and have taken it upon themselves to keep the peace and prosperity of the galaxy. 

Agent soon discovers that his own mind and body start to change, as he develops Himuryn emotions and real affection for the species. During the time on Earth, Agent becomes envious of the freedoms Himuryn experience and realises the restrictions of living with his own species. 

On return to his home planet, he must hide his new self and try to live with the decisions he has made to save the existence of Himuryn for the overall value of the planet Earth and the universe survival.

“A dramatic Sci-Fi work with great thought and plot, with perspectives and character’s to evolve in the mind long after reading...great work...” Zack, Indiebook Reviewer

H.E. Hristov grew up within the Maitland area, amongst the farmlands with her family. H.E. is a proud Worimi woman, and from a young age H.E. learnt the art of Aboriginal Dance and enjoyed exploring bushlands. H.E. attended the performing arts school, where she performed and furthered her culture knowledge. 

Today, H.E. is a mother of two young children and focuses on a healthy lifestyle, with a love for exercise. From childhood, H.E. had a love and passion for reading, which developed to a love for writing poems and short stories.