Between The Covers

Speaking with Australian author Rita H Rowe

June 03, 2022 Shawline Publishing
Between The Covers
Speaking with Australian author Rita H Rowe
Show Notes

Bradley Speaks with new  Australian author Rita H Rowe about her exceptional new romance novel Never The Moon and how writing has changed her life. Read the book here  -


When Jennifer loses David, the love of her life, her world falls apart. Fleeing to New York for a fresh start, she meets Jack, rugged and handsome, everything she could hope for. 

But her world is unexpectedly plunged into chaos and violence. 

An abusive husband, a loveless marriage - and no way out.

When David comes back into her life; Jennifer is torn between the man she has always loved and a life she has now chosen...

Never The Moon interweaves the lives of Jennifer, David and Jack, revealing the power of love - and the destruction it can leave it its wake...

“Inspired and emotive, a great romance and heart-string tugger of a story…well done to a new voice of romance…” Debra, Indiebook reviewer

A Melbourne girl, Rita has a passion for words, encouraged by a mother who spent most of her spare time with her head buried in a book. Of course Rita was going to become dazzled by the words of Enid Blyton, Louisa May Alcott and later, the likes of the Bronte sisters, Dickens and even Sidney Sheldon. Rita found her passion in teaching what she loved, English and Art, and after completing her Masters in Writing, decided it was her time to begin creating. When she put pen to paper, she couldn’t stop and her first novel, Never The Moon was born. Since then, she has written three more novels, and is completing her fifth.