Between The Covers

A conversation with children book authors, Dr Melissa Formica & Dr Roy Hardman

July 15, 2022 Shawline Publishing
Between The Covers
A conversation with children book authors, Dr Melissa Formica & Dr Roy Hardman
Show Notes

Bradley speaks with two highly regarded medical experts, Dr Melissa Formica and Dr Roy Hardman on the concept and creation of their exceptional new book series for children and family understanding of how the body works. Grab a copy here -

‘My brain has made friends with my guts’ is the follow on from the author's first book ‘My brain is my best friend’ and is designed to teach children that their brain is impacted by the food that they eat. 

This book has a strong emphasis on eating healthy foods to make us feel good inside and gives us lots of energy to enjoy life.

“A very good book for children and even parents to gain the knowledge of diet and foods working together…well thought out and enjoyable…” Craig, Indiebook reviewer

Dr Melissa Formica completed an Honours degree in Psychology followed by a PhD with an Australian Postgraduate Award scholarship at Deakin University. She also holds a Master’s degree in Professional Psychology and is training to become qualified as a Psychologist.

Melissa’s main research interest is the prevention of cognitive decline in older age, particularly after surgery. She has several published articles relating to the effects of lifestyle factors including diet and exercise on cognitive function and has also co-published a chapter on the ‘Mediterranean Diet and Cognition’ as part of the 2nd edition Mediterranean text book from Kings College Cambridge in 2020. Melissa currently works as a Research Fellow in a large regional hospital and is heavily involved in university teaching. This book is the second in a series educating children in brain health. Please see her first book titled ‘My Brain is my Best Friend’.

Dr Roy Hardman  has a PhD from the Faculty of Health, Arts & Design at Swinburne University of Technology within the Centre for Human Psychopharmacology Melbourne Australia.