Between The Covers

Speaking with new Australian author Craig Ford

July 22, 2022 Shawline Publishing
Between The Covers
Speaking with new Australian author Craig Ford
Show Notes

Bradley speaks with new Australian novelist and Data security expert, Craig Ford about his awesome new novel - FORESIGHT - Grab your here -


To anyone who meets her, Samantha is just a good-hearted teenager who wants to finish school and go to college. 

Yet she has a secret life...

She has spent years living two lives, one as Sam which the world sees most and one as Foresight, who Sam feels is her true self where she is a passionate and gifted hacker.

She has never found a system she could not bend to her will. 

She is the essence of a true magician within the dark recesses of the web which many dare not enter.

Foresight and Sam never mix. 

This is something that Sam goes to extreme lengths to ensure. 

These two very different lives however may be veering towards an unstoppable collision course. 

The weave of tension and intrigue grows beyond her comprehension as she dives beneath the deep dark corners of the hacker world to really discover what she is made of.

“The premise of this technological thriller is the hacker world having such global impact to the unsuspecting world that it makes you very aware the power within the web…what a thoughtful and provocative story by an exciting new author who knows the genre well…” Trevor, indiebook reviewer

Craig is a cybersecurity engineer and ethical hacker. He has a Master’s in Management (Information Technology) and a Master’s in Information Systems Security from Charles Sturt University. He was awarded the AISA (Australian Information Security Association) Cyber security professional of the year 2020 and was elected AISA Brisbane branch Chair in 2021. 

Craig is a freelance cybersecurity Journalist who is best known for his work on CSO Australia in which he contributed almost 100 cybersecurity articles between 2018-2020. He is a regular columnist for “Women in Security” Magazine and has contributed to the project since its inception in early 2021. 

Craig has two previous books “A Hacker, I Am” and “A Hacker, I Am – Vol 2” which were self-published, these are cybersecurity awareness books which try and help educate everyone on how to be safer in this connected world.