Between The Covers

Kelly Wilson speaks with author Tansy Boggon on her latest novel

August 18, 2022 Shawline Publishing
Between The Covers
Kelly Wilson speaks with author Tansy Boggon on her latest novel
Show Notes

Kelly and Tansy discuss the writing and the elements of the new novel by Tansy, The Weight of A Woman - grab a copy here also -

She believes her life will finally begin when she loses her excess weight.

As Jenni explores a final desperate attempt to lose weight, she becomes curious about an eccentric new colleague, Norelle, who seems to eat whatever she wants without any noticeable hang-ups. How is this even possible?

Jenni wants to discover Norelle’s secret; what she learns not only changes her perspective on her weight concerns but the way she sees herself.

Jenni comes to understand that the weight of any woman does not determine whether they are good enough or deserving of the love and happiness they crave.

“An inspired and thoughtful book for all women who see themselves for less than they really are … a beautiful story of discovery and heartfelt resolve …Wonderful work…” Carolyn, Indiebook reviewer

Tansy Boggon is a non-fiction, fiction and children’s book author, sharing stories and philosophies to help people break free of diet rules and false beliefs to enjoy food and be themselves without guilt and shame. 

She is a university-qualified nutritionist, food writer and recipe developer who incorporates mindful eating, eating psychology and a non-diet approach into her writing.

Tansy is an Australian who now calls Christchurch, New Zealand home, and enjoys yoga, dancing, experimenting in the kitchen and outdoor adventures on foot and bike.