Family Talk

A Conversation with Robbie and Gabe

July 14, 2023 Kevin Brown
Family Talk
A Conversation with Robbie and Gabe
Show Notes

On episode 11 of Family Talk Podcast, Pastor Robbie sits down with Gabe Theis. Gabe Theis is an active member of Cornerstone Church and has made a career out of the public school system, starting as an high school history teacher, working his way to become the Assistant Principle and Athletic Director of Schley County High School. Given Gabe’s education and career, Pastor Robbie takes the opportunity to dive into the hot and controversial topics of history and how God and Christianity play a role in history. Some of the hot topics discussed include, What role did Christianity play in the founding of the United States? and Where did the idea of government originate? Those are just a few to name! You don’t want to miss out on this episode! So click play and don’t forget to checkout the links below for more information.

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