Family Talk

A Story of Hope

August 11, 2023 Kevin Brown
Family Talk
A Story of Hope
Show Notes

On this episode of Family Talk Podcast titled, “A Story of Hope”, both Chris and Susan sit down with Pastor Robbie and open their hearts and share their personal experience regarding their decision to pursue adoption. Chris and Susan Rogers are devoted members of Cornerstone Church: Buena Vista Campus and both were essential in its development in 2015 and are extremely involved in their community. This episode contains an incredible series of life events where Chris and Susan were able to see the goodness of God, despite some hard challenges that could have turned them away from God. In this episode you truly get to see how God works and what happens when you remain faithful and humble to his plan. It is a well-know fact that life is difficult, but as long as you trust and love the Lord with all your mind, heart, body, and soul all can endure it, and Chris and Susan are witnesses to that.

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