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Ep. 71: Why CT’s Investments are Underperforming with Jeff Sonnenfeld & Steven Tian
Ep. 71: Why CT’s Investments are Underperforming with Jeff Sonnenfeld & Steven Tian 27:09 Ep. 70: The Visionary Presidencies of Jefferson, Madison and Monroe with Historian Kevin Gutzman 32:08 Ep. 69: Exploring Connecticut’s Hidden History with Andy Fowler 26:46 Ep. 68: How We Can Reform CT’s Healthcare After COVID with Dr. Robert Graboyes 27:15 Ep. 67: Union Release Time on Taxpayers’ Dime & Attacks on Free Speech with Ben Weingarten 31:32 Ep. 66: CT’s Not So Clean Election Program with Katherine Revello 19:50 Ep. 65: Writing Horror Novels with Marc Fitch 32:41 Ep. 64: The Livability of Connecticut Towns with Dr. Jonathan Wharton 26:54 Ep. 63: How to Leave the Teachers' Union with Mike Costanza 19:10 Ep. 62: How to Reform the Criminal Justice System in CT with John Santa 24:54 Ep. 61: The Impact of Janus 5 Years Later w/Bill Messenger 27:09 Ep. 60: Why Corporations Dominated the 20th Century with Richard Langlois 29:58 Ep. 59: Roger Sherman — Connecticut's Founding Father with Mark David Hall 25:52 Ep. 58: How to have ‘Command Presence’ w/ Frank Ricci 25:33 Ep. 57: Recapping the Legislative Session with Sen. Ryan Fazio 23:57 Ep. 56: Is Domestic Abuse Being Enabled by the Courts? 29:57 Ep. 55: Fighting for Charter Schools with Rep. Rachel Chaleski 22:40 Ep. 54: How the U.S. Postal Service Gave Your Personal Info to Big Labor Unions with Elisabeth Kines Messenger 26:47 Ep. 53: Keeping Fiscal Guardrails in the State Budget with Reps. Holly Cheeseman & Tammy Nuccio 30:31 Ep. 52: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly Bills to Take Action On with Bryce Chinault 30:17 Ep. 51: The Progressive Assault on Separation of Powers with Todd Gaziano 31:12 Ep. 50: Why This 4th Grade Teacher Left the Union 21:31 Ep. 49: A Look Back at CT Inside Investigator's First Year 29:42 Ep. 48: Yankee Institute’s New Policy Director with David Flemming 18:36 Ep. 47: How UConn Won the National Championship with Joe D’Ambrosio 23:23