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August 01, 2023 DrTJ
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Show Notes

Pursuing pleasure and avoiding pain are viewed as the ultimate ends of human existence according to the philosophical idea of hedonism. 

The word "hedonism," which has its roots in ancient Greek philosophy, comes from the Greek word "Hedone," which means "pleasure" or "delight." 

According to this school of thinking, pleasure in all its manifestations is fundamentally sound, whereas suffering is fundamentally bad.

Hedonism's central tenet is that people should aim to reduce their suffering and maximize their pleasure. This implies a more planned approach to locating long-term and sustainable sources of pleasure rather than a carefree or hedonistic lifestyle focused on rapid enjoyment.

A philosophical position known as hedonism prioritizes pursuing pleasure and happiness while minimizing pain and suffering. Hedonism promotes the pursuit of happiness and pleasure in life, whether through the pursuit of intellectual curiosity, aesthetic experiences, or meaningful relationships. Finding a balance between short-term happiness and long-term happiness, nevertheless, continues to be problematic in the pursuit of a more enjoyable life.


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