Bliss Is Ordinary

The Enchantment of Laurence Cole

July 29, 2022 Laurence Cole Season 1
Bliss Is Ordinary
The Enchantment of Laurence Cole
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Jessi & Yam travel to Port Townsend, WA to have a conversation with song leader Laurence Cole about being an elder, grief-tender, and community crooner. Laurence shares wisdom and insight about finding belonging, transforming trauma, and how to refresh yourself with grief. Laurence sings many songs with Yam & Jessi, including one about the afterlife being potentially groovy.

/// If you're interested in spending more time with Laurence, visit, check out his soundcloud, or find your way to one of his many workshops or grief rituals in and around the Pacific Northwest.

INSTAGRAM : @blissisordinary

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And...We're Back
What's in Store for Episode 4
Laurence Cole Radio
Do You Have a Sound?
What is Your Earliest Memory of Singing?
Where I Started My Journey
My First Awakening
Career Choice: Savior
Early Haight
The First Song You Caught
Love is Comin' Atcha
This Opera Singer from Toronto
My Fondness Finds You
Afraid to Sing or Can't Sing
Can You Hear This Note?
Those Rare Elder-People
My Self-Assigned Role
One of the Core Song Leaders
What Community Is
Everything Lives in Obligation
My Initiations Into Grief
Grief-Ritual Origins
The Medicine That We Truly Need
Trauma Is...
Grief Work is Like Recovery Work
Doin' Death Right
To Wonder
Song Teaching : The Afterlife
The Afterlife (in Full)
PS Question
Let Us See The Beauty (Feat. Aimee Ringle)
Still Bearing
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