Bliss Is Ordinary

8) Ahlay and The Wail

April 29, 2023 Magic House Studios Season 2
Bliss Is Ordinary
8) Ahlay and The Wail
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Jessi & Yam share a special song from one one of their youngest listeners, and the two of them have a conversation with community grief tender Alexandra 'Ahlay' Blakely about whales, dreams, ancestors, and her burgeoning communal healing project, 'WAILS : Songs for Grief'. Ahlay shares several songs, including one from her upcoming album entitled  ‘Apprentice’.

If you'd like to learn more about the WAILS project and other facets of Ahlay's work, you can check out her website, bandcamp, instagram, or YouTube channel.

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The lyrics for today's song teaching :


(Pt. 1) 
I trust this grief 
To return me

(Pt. 2) 
This work is holy
Soul cleansing, slowly

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Communal Grief Ritual Breakdown
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Song Teaching - Apprentice
Restrengthening My Joy & Pleasure & Silly Muscles
Last Thing I Would Like to Say
Ahlay Sings Herself Out
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