Pastor in Ukraine War Zone Gives First-Hand Perspective
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The Christian Worldview
Pastor in Ukraine War Zone Gives First-Hand Perspective
Apr 02, 2022
David Wheaton

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GUEST: GREG, pastor, Kyiv, Ukraine

It’s been over a month and Ukraine continues to fight back against the military invasion by Vladimir Putin’s Russian forces. The human toll is high—thousands of people have been killed (on both sides), with homes and other non-military buildings destroyed. Cities like Mariupol have been decimated by Russian military bombardment, causing millions of refugees.

Meanwhile, the debate rages in Europe and America about what to do. Is more intervention called for—beyond supplying arms and technological support to the Ukrainians—such as enforcing a no-fly zone over the country (which means direct combat with Russian forces)? Or just stay out of it, reasoning that the U.S. has little strategic interest in Ukraine?

Even in an age of countless information sources, it’s difficult to know why Putin invaded Ukraine and what is taking place. That is why we are looking forward to talking with an American pastor who has ministered in Ukraine for 30 years and has chosen to stay with his congregation in the capital city of Kyiv, in the midst of war.

Pastor Greg (last name and church withheld) will give us a first-hand, on-the-ground perspective. We hope you join us.

 You can support the ministry and humanitarian aid that Pastor Greg and his church are spearheading by donating at and specifying “Ukraine Aid” in the “Donation Recipient” field.