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AI as an interface to the world
AI as an interface to the world 45:07 Earth Observation with AI 36:59 Biochemistry AI 44:02 Evolution of intelligence, Digital life, AGI | Flo Crivello, founder and CEO of Lindy 30:57 Thoughts on OpenAI DevDay announcements | Vikram Sreekanti, cofounder and CEO of RunLLM 33:24 Artificial Specialized Intelligence, Executive Order on AI, Open Source AI | Douwe Kiela, cofounder and CEO of Contextual AI 41:41 AI compute market, LLM infrastructure, Industrial AI | Ville Tuulos, cofounder and CEO of Outerbounds 38:02 Prateek talks about Nvidia's new AI agent that can train robots 25:07 Prateek talks about Generative AI in Biology 27:38 Prateek talks about LLMs learning to represent space and time 23:27