Parents of the Year

59. Should you teach your kids parenting skills?

April 12, 2023 Caroline & Andrew Season 2 Episode 59
Parents of the Year
59. Should you teach your kids parenting skills?
Show Notes

This week's episode poses a very thought-provoking question to Andrew, about whether parents should teach their kids parenting skills.

When we had kids, there was no manual for how to do it. Sure, there were countless books out there preaching all sorts of different approaches to parenting. None of which offered the skills parents need to manage everything the world throws at them, and sometimes how to break the cycle that they themselves had to deal with growing up.

So now, as the world becomes more complicated, how do parents help set their kids up with a foundation of habits and values that they can use before they themselves even have kids?

There is no black-or-white approach to parenting, each person does the best they can with what they have, but should we as parents do more to provide our kids with the tools they'll need long before it's their turn?

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