Wake The Farm Up! - Maintaining Ground

Theo Katzman • Scamp Soulpatch Live Show • May 28, 2023

June 30, 2023 Ande the Elf, Liz Virgo, & Stefin101 Season 3 Episode 12
Wake The Farm Up! - Maintaining Ground
Theo Katzman • Scamp Soulpatch Live Show • May 28, 2023
Wake The Farm Up! - Maintaining Ground +
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Show Notes

In this incredible Wake the Farm Up - Maintaining Ground Live Show,
Tom Wall, of Cosmic Knot and Ancient Tree Archive, welcomes the crowd with a Love shout out.
The live show begins after a short intro from the elf and recordings of Volfpeck (4:10)
Hosts Ande the Elf and Liz Virgo welcome Theo Katzman, singer/songwriter and member of Vulfpeck.
This conversation was unscripted,has a focus on natures inspiration in music, and Theo's experiences and wisdom are golden nuggets for the ear.
Our mutual friend Chelsea Coy (18:00) who helped connect this show together is mentioned, with mutual gratitude.
Podcast and conversation favorites, chatting with Theo about AI and the premium of a live experience!!! (25:00)
Theo dives in into cold waters of the wildman, Wimhoff (44:50)
Whats Theo like to eat? (51:10)  He crushes wild mushrooms and forages too! Yeah!!!

Vulfpeck recording slices in this show are from the taper section of the live Vulfpeck show on the Sunshine Stage at Summer Camp May 28, 2023.  Recorded just 4 hours after this live conversation!

Sound Man Joe Riggs and crew!

This episode pairs well with ice, barefeet and granite boulders.

Now go listen to Theo's Music:



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