The Sod Pod
Minerals; Feed the Need, Not the Greed
Minerals; Feed the Need, Not the Greed 30:09 Does it Pay to Milk On This Winter? 26:56 Winter is Coming! But it doesn't have to be Stark 25:35 Kyle Hanbidge; Winter Milk and Rugby 🐄🏉 34:37 ICBF; The National Genotyping Programme 🧬 28:47 Bonus Episode! Ploughing Along 22:18 Grow with Us 🤔 28:35 Flat to the Matt; Dairy Calf to Beef 28:02 Legislation and The Kilkenny Farmer😜 24:28 Mike Bermingham talking Ginger Nuts and Grass 40:49 Soil Sampling; Understanding the Numbers 27:10 The Young Farmers Taking Stock 28:09 Silence is Not an Option 😶👂 28:14 Teagasc Tips; As Drought Closes In 21:14 MC Milking It 33:19 Managing May Madness 31:11 The Once A Day Farmer 36:06 The Trip to Teagasc Grange Research Centre 29:35 Topical Topics on The Edge 🤷‍♀️ 31:42 Farming for Soil Health and Environment Edge 31:48 Spring Grazing; Out The Gap 28:40 Kildalton Agricultural College 23:44 Tirlán and Purple Snacks 35:43 WE'RE BACK! A Lot More Grassland, A Little Less Agro! 29:27 The Season Finale 30:24