Missouri Athletic Club Connections

Beyond the Mic

September 07, 2022 Missouri Athletic Club Season 1 Episode 8
Missouri Athletic Club Connections
Beyond the Mic
Show Notes

Hi, welcome to Missouri Athletic Club Connections, a podcast highlighting Missouri’s only premier athletic club. The MAC is recognized as the foremost private club in St. Louis known for attracting exceptional people and enriching lives for generations. At the Club, we create extraordinary experiences in all aspects of club life in the spirit of excellence, service, and tradition.

Today we will be discussing Beyond the Mic with Michelle Smallmon. Michelle is one of the hosts on Karraker & Smallmon on 101 ESPN here in St. Louis. 

Thanks for joining us today, Michelle.

  1. I know most people in St. Louis are familiar with you already, but can you tell us about your career with ESPN?
  2. The MAC is known to have some of the top sports awards programs around. What makes these MAC events like the Jack Buck Awards, College Basketball Awards, and the Hermann Trophy so special?
  3. Do you have a favorite event at the Club?
  4. What kind of impact do you hope to make in the Club? St. Louis?
  5. While listening to your show this morning, I have a couple of additional questions. First, what is your “toughness story”?  Have you done a broadcast with a punctured lung, ruptured ear drum, anything like that?  Second, your co-host has his famous Stanley Cup Blues tattoo, what will it take for you to get a small MAC Cherry Diamond tattoo someplace?

Thanks for your time, Michelle!

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