Missouri Athletic Club Connections

Connecting St. Louis & Sports

January 04, 2023 Missouri Athletic Club/Martin Kilcoyne Season 1 Episode 9
Missouri Athletic Club Connections
Connecting St. Louis & Sports
Show Notes

Hi, welcome to Missouri Athletic Club Connections, a podcast highlighting the foremost private club in St. Louis known for attracting exceptional people and enriching lives for generations. Today we will be discussing Connecting St. Louis and Sports with Martin Kilcoyne. Martin is the Sports Director at FOX-2.

  1. The title of this podcast is Club Connections. Martin, what’s your connection to the Club?
  2. You are well known for sports reporting here in St. Louis. Did you ever think when taking your first job at FOX-2 in 1997 that this is how your career would turn out?
  3. What started your love of sports?
  4. You have covered some incredible events during your career. Between the Cardinals in the World Series, Super Bowls with the Rams and the Blues winning the Stanley Cup, what has been your favorite event to cover?
  5. We have a first here on our podcast, a big fan of Club Connections has submitted a question that he would like to ask you… what is it that makes graduates of Marquette University so amazing and just all-around great people?
  6. Sports has been such a big part of your life and of course your career, but if you weren’t a sportscaster, what career do you think you would have gone into?
  7. Who are some of the most interesting people in local sports you have enjoyed covering?
  8. St. Louis lost the Rams a few years ago of course, but we are adding a Major League Soccer franchise, what do you see for the future of the sports scene in our town?

This has truly been an incredible conversation.  If you want to learn more about Connecting St. Louis and Sports, you can contact Martin at mkilcoyne@nexstar.tv.