The Word V
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Sorry, but we don't have the same time in a day 21:20 IWD 2023 32:00 Share your vulnerabilities to build deeper connections 32:57 If the plan isn't working, change it. 45:23 Things I was not told about Motherhood 1:06:34 Last year, I was not okay! 53:37 Dealing with Anxiety feat Anna the Anxiety Coach 55:41 My word of 2023: Intention 33:28 Dad Intentions: Life since becoming a dad - feat. Producer David Easton 1:03:24 Emotional Accountability - feat. Megan Luscombe 58:57 Life as a single mother - feat. Amee Triscari 1:12:24 It's Donate Life Week! 42:37 Why we should be loud and angry! 34:02 Running a successful business and managing a new baby - feat. Brooke Vulinovich 47:35 Business, and the challenges encountered as a young woman - feat. Jarrah Brailey 38:21 I have ADHD and here's what I want you to know. 57:18 Things I’ve learnt in business over the past 5 years. 46:44 Ari's Transplant Story 1:34:34 We need to change the parenthood narrative - feat. Georgie Dent 54:44 Dealing with the diagnosis - feat Shanny Fitzgerald 1:02:15 Women need to change their language too, it's not solely a men's issue. 37:35 Dealing with identities as women, especially as mothers. 54:12 Defying the odds when someone says you can't - feat. Katy Gillies & Hayley Peters 31:24 When two women from different states supported each other - feat. Monique Lombardo & Alisha Marfatia 1:17:33 Why we need more empathetic leadership - feat. Cherie Clonan (The Digital Picnic) 1:11:51