Rational Christianity
How to have a great 2023
How to have a great 2023 10:12 Advent #1: Longing 10:56 Trans Day of Remembrance 11:09 Remembrance Day - time for Radical Compassion 11:32 Let's be selfish - but let's do it properly 9:18 Do you want to be well 11:23 A rational way to understand the Trinity 9:17 Interview with Dr. Darrell Picketts 17:28 Listen to Creation 10:50 International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia, and Biphobia 12:40 Mental Health Sunday 12:11 Science and Religion 12:02 Forgive - and live 11:45 Lent: Give up feeling powerless 12:59 Lent: give up being judgmental 12:17 Lent: give up your resentments 15:27 Lent: give up your expectations 17:18 Lent: give up your need for control 14:51 What sort of journey is Lent? 18:39 The Golden Rule 17:02 Just a bit to the left 17:07 Alter Call 18:18 New year. New life! 14:01