I Spark Change Podcast

Ep#1 Rick Ornelas: My Story

February 27, 2022 Rick Ornelas Season 1 Episode 1
I Spark Change Podcast
Ep#1 Rick Ornelas: My Story
Show Notes

Welcome to The I Spark Change Podcast! Hosted by Rick Ornelas this podcast is for socially conscious & positive individuals looking for uplifting content that can inspire and motivate them to improve themselves and others. Are you ready to join us in creating a better world? Awesome! Because you’re in the right place. Each week we feature an inspiring story or message to help spread positive change and create a better world for all of us. In this episode 

Rick talks about the following:

·       Who I am and the importance of family 

·       The impact of tragedies in life

·       Why I created I Spark Change and the journey to the podcast

Rick tells you his own story, of creating purpose in his life, and what drives him to have an impact. Opening up about past experiences and his growth late in life. 

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Rick will bring you relevant and practical episodes each week, empowering you to make a difference in your life and the lives of others. Each week we will bring you an inspiring person who learned how to turn their struggles into strengths, or a message to help you unlock your inner gifts to share with the world. 🌎👇🏽


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