I Spark Change Podcast

Ep#46: I Spark Change through Wellness and Fitness

January 04, 2023 Rick Ornelas Season 2 Episode 46
I Spark Change Podcast
Ep#46: I Spark Change through Wellness and Fitness
Show Notes

In this episode, Rick interviews Tonya Ornelas, a wife, a mother, a fitness instructor, and a friend to all. She lights up any room she enters and is instantly the life of whatever party she's at.

Tonya has a radiance and beauty that embodies a unique combination of energy, motivation, inspiration, and passion. She's physically and emotionally strong in an approachable and caring way. She's a humble and encouraging leader who genuinely wants to help others by empowering them with her inner confidence that radiates to anyone she encounters.

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We will discuss the following:

⭐️ Be yourself

⭐️ Getting into fitness

⭐️ Uniqueness

⭐️ Into a happy place

& more...

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