I Spark Change Podcast

Ep#63: Fulfilling Your Purpose w/ Wendie Veloz

May 03, 2023 Rick Ornelas Season 2 Episode 63
I Spark Change Podcast
Ep#63: Fulfilling Your Purpose w/ Wendie Veloz
Show Notes

In this episode, Rick interviews a social impact strategist, strategist, coach, and consultant with over a decade of experience in the field, Wendie Veloz.

She's driven, passionate and has devoted her life to making the world a better place. Her work with nonprofits has helped transform lives and heal communities. In fact, though she's helped have said every conversation with her is like a shot of vitamins full of golden nuggets. 

This episode is a MUST-LISTEN! 


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We will discuss the following:

⭐️ Faith & Purpose
⭐️ Daily Routine
⭐️ Collective Impact Space
⭐️ A Young Boy Story

& more...

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[30:47] There have been times when I know I've created my own destiny...
[23:31] I think the biggest advice I tend to give people is to really understand that you don't need to...
[19:53]Every single step of the way, I questioned my faith, I questioned God, I questioned my purpose, and when I  finally stopped...

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