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Ep#103: The Road to A Legendary Life w/ Damian Geleyns

February 07, 2024 Rick Ornelas Season 2 Episode 103
I Spark Change Podcast
Ep#103: The Road to A Legendary Life w/ Damian Geleyns
Show Notes

In this episode, Rick interviews an extraordinary individual who epitomizes living life to the fullest and positively impacting the world. Damian Geleyns, our guest today, is a legend in his own right, a life evangelist, and a passionate storyteller.

Damian is not just another entrepreneur; he's a health and fitness advocate who defies age stereotypes with his remarkable physical condition at 53. His adventurous spirit has led him to engage in many thrilling activities, from diving to skydiving, and his entrepreneurial journey spans various industries, from international trade to online fitness and ecotourism. With a zest for life and a commitment to helping others unlock their full potential, Damian has curated impactful summits such as the Wellness After 40 Summit and the Happy Mind Summit, showcasing his dedication to holistic wellness and personal development. As a father and a seasoned traveler, Damian's insights into living a legendary life will inspire and empower listeners of all ages.

This episode is a MUST-LISTEN! 🎙🚀

We will discuss the following:

️⭐️ Living a purpose-driven life
⭐️ Embracing adventure and wellness
⭐️ Entrepreneurial journey and lessons learned
⭐️ Inspiring others to live their best lives

& more...

Get ready to learn more about Damian Geleyns.









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