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Ep#107: The Role of Brand Strategy in Social Impact w/ Eric Ressler

March 06, 2024 Rick Ornelas Season 2 Episode 107
I Spark Change Podcast
Ep#107: The Role of Brand Strategy in Social Impact w/ Eric Ressler
Show Notes

In this episode, Rick interviews Eric Ressler, Cosmic's founder and creative director, a social impact creative agency. Eric is a social impact hero dedicated to helping organizations shape their desired future and propel humanity forward.


He believes in the power of compelling impact storytelling, brand awareness, and inspiring action, partnering with a diverse range of organizations in climate action, education, social justice, sustainability, arts, culture, and tech-driven social impact. Eric emphasizes the importance of balance, remaining focused, calm, and open to new experiences to stay creatively fueled in pursuing meaningful change. Join us as we delve into Eric's journey and insights on driving impactful change through storytelling and creative advocacy.


This episode is a MUST-LISTEN! 🎙🚀


We will discuss the following:


⭐️ Exploring branding strategies for organizations focused on social impact.

⭐️ Emphasizing the importance of continual personal and professional development in the social impact sector.

⭐️ Addressing the difficulties organizations face in maintaining focus amidst expanding their mission.

⭐️ Advocating for a comprehensive approach to driving social change beyond just marketing tactics.


& more...


Get ready to learn more about Eric Ressler.


Website: https://designbycosmic.com/


LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/cosmiceric/


Manifesto: https://designbycosmic.com/manifesto/

Free Insights and Resources: https://designbycosmic.com/insights/

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