The North Pole News Dispatch

Cookies Coffee & Christmas News

July 18, 2022 Ken Smith Season 1 Episode 4
The North Pole News Dispatch
Cookies Coffee & Christmas News
Show Notes

Time Stamps
00:00  Intro Christmas quote by Andy Rooney and Elf Jacob's Christmas joke
05:00  Elf Kristi's Chocolate Chip Cookie review and recipe
11:10  Omaha Nebraska's Durham Museum is looking for it's next Christmas Tree for the 
annual Christmas at Union Station celebration
13:24  Help find Michigan's Capitol Christmas Tree
17:38  Arvada Colorado has a new Old Town Christmas Tree
19:35  First ever three NFL games on Christmas Day
21:05 Brookside Theatre in Romford England brings back Elf The Musical for 2022 Christmas  season
24:10  Back Street Boys announces first every  highly anticipated Christmas album
27:30  Wyandotte County Lake Kansas announces its lighted pontoon boat Christmas             
Parade,  fireworks and food
29:05  Castle Noel in Medina Ohio announces new toy display as part of Christmas in July
31:58  West Chester Pennsylvania announces 2022 Christmas Parade and invites               
participants to apply
38:33  Christmas Pickle tradition?

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