The North Pole News Dispatch

Getting Over The Post Holiday Blues

January 23, 2023 Ken Smith Episode 11
The North Pole News Dispatch
Getting Over The Post Holiday Blues
Show Notes

Time Stamp
00:48  Current Weather at the North Pole
03:01  Elf Andy's Fix It Shop
03:54  Christmas Joke by Elf Jacob
05:10  Christmas Quote
07:54  The Village Swap and Shop
10:08  Listener Emails
13:42  Christmas and Festive Holiday News
15:15  Belated Feel Good Christmas Tale
22:70  Sadder Than a Christmas Tree in January
31:57  Tradition of Mistletoe at Christmas
34:07  Valentines Day
34:25  Donate to Siouxland Gourmet Apple Fundraiser
37:45  33 Best Valentines Day Candy
44:16  Top 10 Facts About Valentines Day From From UK Childrens Radio Station
50:10  33 Ways to Enjoy Cold Weather in Pittsburgh
56:06  Old Christmas Trees Could Be Used To Produce Fuels
59:21  Fire Officials Warn Residents About Danger Of Dry Christmas Trees
1:01:56  Christmas Tree Recycling
1:05:57  Venice Wildlife Center Taking In Recycled Christmas Trees To Help Wildlife
1:09:58  Animals Play With Repurposed Christmas Trees At Brookfield Zoo
1:11:19  DEC Offers Tips To Recycle Christmas Trees
1:14:31  More Creative Ideas To Recycle Your Christmas Trees
1:16:40  Winter Festivals
1:22:40  The Road To Appreciation