The North Pole News Dispatch

Valentines Pop Up Show

February 06, 2023 Ken Smith Episode 12
The North Pole News Dispatch
Valentines Pop Up Show
Show Notes

Time Stamp
00:30 Intro
00:45 Current Weather at the North Pole
01:50 Elf Andy's Fix It Shop
03:00  Valentine from the Toy Shop
04:14 Taste test Dunkin Doughnut Chocolates
08:03 Elf Jacob Valentines Jokes
08:45 Phone Call from Elf Jacob
11:34 Valentines Quotes
13:55 Strolling Elf  Childrens Choir
17:10 Valentines Quotes continued
19:00 Listener Emails
21:22 Elf Kristi's Cranberry Pistachio Biscotti Taste Test
24:44 Valentines in New Orleans
29:38  Cranberry Pistachio Biscotti recipe
32:15 Unofficial Official Coffee/ Community Coffee and Chicory
33:18 Festive Valentines News
34:28 Romantic ways to spend Valentines in New York
37:29 Waffle Valentines Day
40:44  M&M new Valentine Flavor
44:38 Five most popular flowers for Valentines Day
49:50 Best Fort Worth Restaurants for Valentines Day
55:15 New Jersey Sweet Treats
59:15 Hershey's New Valentines Chocolates
1:02:45 White Castle Valentines Dinner