Balance Cubed

Balance Cubed: Episode 4 "Credibility Deposit"

April 06, 2022 Joe Clementi Season 1 Episode 4
Balance Cubed
Balance Cubed: Episode 4 "Credibility Deposit"
Show Notes

Every day we embark on a next chapter of our life’s journey. The sunlight filters the moment just long enough to set it free. As the shadow settles in over the past as quickly as the hands of time turns.

Welcome to Balance Cubed with your host coach joe - joe CLEMENTI.

Come on this journey where we discuss the elements of a balanced/harmonious life.

That’s right, unscripted and unfiltered - your connection to a balance life.

On episode 4 we our title is Credibility Deposit.

This is the commodity of Time, of scarcity, often overlooked, never bartered for, and rarely valued. Today’s photos capture moments frozen in time. Historical narratives that are handed down for generations to come.

When looking towards the, what do you see? Are you living the life as the best version of yourself? Are you living in scarcity or, basking in abundance? Is the person you are today leading you towards the best version of yourself five years from now?

Sustained excellence may take different paths but, share specific characteristics.

The high-performers I study share similar traits.