Balance Cubed

Episode 6: "The Power of Perspective:

April 20, 2022 Joe Clementi Season 1 Episode 6
Balance Cubed
Episode 6: "The Power of Perspective:
Show Notes

Welcome to Balance Cubed, I’m your host coach Joe. A podcast where we
 Discuss the 6 disciplines of balance/harmony.
 That’s right unscripted and unfiltered you connected to a balanced/harmonious life.
 On episode 6 a we discuss the power of perspective (mindset).
 John Maxwell said, “The power of perspective is an intentional discipline. It takes time and commitment, but it creates an understanding between you and the people you lead that allows you to move forward, faster—and with increasing success.”
 How we see our lives is how we live our lives. Our perspective is arguably the single greatest aspect of our uniqueness. It is also the foundation for one of the most powerful tools through which we can relate to and build relationships with others: our perspective taking.
 We each have a uniquely valuable perspective on life—a lens through which we interpret our lives. Through our perspective, we define what makes sense to us, which is differentiated from how others see and experience life.
 We have a filtered lens through which we see - GPS if you will, that navigates us towards or distances us from the negative environments. Those land-minds that jar our perspective and alters our mindset.
 However, we don’t know what we don’t know, and perspective taking provides a powerful tool to expand our own perspective by learning from the way others see life.