Balance Cubed

Balance Cubed: Episode 11 "Scalable skills and deliberate practice"

May 26, 2022 Joe Clementi Season 1 Episode 11
Balance Cubed
Balance Cubed: Episode 11 "Scalable skills and deliberate practice"
Show Notes

Scalable skills are those skill sets you can acquire, deploy, and replicate with consistency.

Our actions change our perspective.

Our perspective changes our actions

Our actions changes our results

Welcome to balance cubed I’m your host coach Joe.

On episode 11. We’re discussing scalable skills and deliberate practice. Individually they’re powerful tools to move you forward.

When combined they become positive lethal forces to elevate any actionable mission

Come on this journey where we discuss a balanced/harmonious life.

On Balanced Cubed we lean on our experiences to provide you with the practical application tools, advising, and coaching to help you fine-tune your talents.

Our goals are to provide insights and actions that help our listeners unleash your inner power creating harmony and balance the- that will inspire your life

Picture if you will a funnel. For the bottom end of your tunnel to deliver its intended purpose it must have the proper input at the top end.

High-performance minded leaders understand the quality and quantity of the input determines the output.

So they’re specific about the level activity that feeds the top end of the funnel.

Instead of managing the end-result of their actions they double-down their input efforts

We start through a process we labeled “self-discovery “

Self discovery is a solution based activity that identifies the actions needed to moves us towards the desired objective

That activity is either moving forward or holding us in place.

When we add clarity to the reasons for stagnation we can identify and discuss the steps necessary to get us back on the right actions that move us forward

Our funnel of self discovery consists of 7 key inlets. We’ll call these our action identities

1. Our daily managing activities are we acting congruently with our goals?

2. Our voids. These are usually are blind spots and no one is comfortable looking at your individual blind spots. But by bringing them into the light we can alter our perspective and adjust to a more serving action

3. Our behavior. Are we fueling our daily behaviors with the right fuel. Expanding our current circle of influences instead of standing in a circle of comfort.

4. Root cause analysis. To truly understand the roadblocks we need to what’s impeding our path. A thorough root cause analysis will identify the smallest stop signs on our journey

5. Best Practices. The road is not always the same for your success as it’s been for someone else. Each person must travel a different course. However, there are some best practices you can benefit from others who’ve successfully traversed your current course. Find them and implement

6. Tactics, tools, and Strategies. As one of my favorite books by Brent Gleason says “Embrace the Suck” set clear goals, create an execution plan, practice daily diligence, and exercise daily routines

7. Implementation of daily actions by taking massive action.

“If it doesn’t involve at least a little bit of pain, adversity, or challenge, it’s not worth doing” - Brent Gleason