Balance Cubed

Teamwork: The interface of people and processes

June 15, 2022 Joe Clementi Season 1 Episode 14
Balance Cubed
Teamwork: The interface of people and processes
Show Notes
Teamwork, the working together imperative.

The essence of all teams is collaborative interdependence.
Teamwork: is often paired with terms like collaboration, synergy, and cooperation.
It’s a dichotomy of strategy and tactics in the purpose of brining a vision to life.
Welcome to a balance cubed with your host Coach Joe.
Come on this journey as we discuss a balanced/harmonious life.
On Balance Cubed we lean on our experiences to provide you with the practices applications, tools, advising, and coaching to help you find tune your talents.
Our goals are to provide insights and actions that help our listeners unleash your inner power creating harmony and balance - that will inspire your life positively.
That’s right, unscripted and unfiltered your connection to a balanced life.

On episode 14 we are discussing the power of teamwork and the interface of people and process.
All teams are groups but not all groups are teams.
Let’s demonstrate the power of teamwork and the influence on results.
The Story of the great balloon challenge...
In working with high-performance minded leaders we find there are some commonalities in their approach to a team environment.

They have a self-realization that prosperous work is a result of collective unit working in tandem towards a mission

That cohesiveness aligns the daily efforts that move the team towards excellence.

We achieve more when we use the collaborative brains, enthusiasm, and support of everyone on the team.

Teamwork is far less about hierarchical management and more about collaborative leadership.

We found there are 5 practical applications you can use to align your team.

How does your current team dynamics stack up? What are the elements you would add?

1. Realization that the team’s essential to you and your goals
2. The composition of the team. Who’s on the team and why?
3. The energy of the team: when they come together are they working in congruence with the core values?
4. The emotional health and safety of the team. Make sure you are addressing the emotional well-being of the team.
5. The intentions, energy, and presence of the team is fundamental to the success of the organization.

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